If you hadn’t heard, KB home is on the move again.  This is not surprising as their development and management teams are always on the frontline of market trends.  The purchase is the largest in Eastvale development history for new homes.  Get the full story of the KB Home Buy In Eastvale Here.



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There are still some terrific new homes available in Eastvale, California.  Meritage, one of the premier ‘green’ builders in Southern California, has a couple gems available in the 92880 Eastvale/Corona area.  If you haven’t seen the new homes Meritage is building, it’s worth your time to make an appointment to check them out soon.  After all, prices in Eastvale are rising rapidly right now with investors snapping up homes quickly to get in on the great prices.

Eastvale / Corona CA 92880 Home prices  Address  Bedroom/
Square Feet
The Woodlands (92880) $455,476 25509 Foxglove Ln.
Eastvale, CA 92880

  6 / 3


The Woodlands (92880) $464,130 25694 Red Hawk Rd.
Eastvale, CA 92880

  5 / 3.5


Oak Avenue Estates (92880) $496,904 1305 Alee Circle
Eastvale, CA 92880

  3 / 2.5


Oak Avenue Estates (92880) $516,617 1317 Alee Circle
Eastvale, CA 92880

  3 / 2.5


These homes have varying features and lot sizes and other homes are also available that might suit you better.

If you have any interest in these or other new homes in the Eastvale area, contact your Eastvale Real Estate Agent Team today at 951-212-7479 for help in finding and buying in Eastvale or Corona.

Our real estate agent experts can assist you with any of the new home builders free of charge.  Meritage, KB Homes, Beazer Homes, Pulte Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Lennar, TRI Pointe Homes, K. Hovnanian, and Woodside Homes just to name a few.

In addition to assisting you with new homes in the area, our Eastvale real estate agents can also assist you with resale homes (Eastvale foreclosures, short sales, and standard sale listings).  Our team of agents at The Homefinding Center has been helping people just like you buy homes in the Eastvale area for almost 20 years!  Give us a call so we can help you today!


Eastvale real estate news (and in the rest of California) has been bleak for the past 5 years or so. We’ve all seen the gloom and doom stories about our economy going down the drain. Our unemployment rate has skyrocketed, and housing values have dropped by more than 50% in some areas of California.

While all this news has been disheartening, there is still some great news for those who don’t yet own a home. Now is one of the best times in history to step into home ownership. The dream of home ownership is still alive and kicking! California Association Of Realtors has just issued the following infographic. Don’t spend too much time reading it… time is a wasting, and if you hadn’t noticed lately, Eastvale real estate is HOT right now!!!  Call us today at 951-212-7479 and we’ll get you on the road to owning your own home.
Home Ownership Infographic

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Foreclosure? Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure? Short Sale?

If you’re in trouble with your California mortgage, which remedy is right for you?

Let’s look at foreclosure:

a. You lose your home in an unpleasant courthouse sale and subsequent Sheriff eviction.

b. Your credit report reflects a foreclosure for many years after the fact.

Not such a good deal, even if it is an easy way to get rid of a California real estate property that is worth less than you owe on it. The common advice “just walk away from it” can prevent you from buying another house, getting consumer credit ─ it can even keep you from getting a job! (Nothing like piling on the misery, right?) Foreclosure is something to avoid at nearly all costs!

Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure:

a. You lose your home

b. You may hire a real estate attorney who helps you arrange to trade the value in your home for forgiveness of the amount owed on the mortgage.

c. Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure stays on your credit report for several years preventing you from moving on with your life. This option is regularly considered the same as a foreclosure.

That leaves you with what many consider the best option for a distressed real property situation… the short sale.

a. You sell your home.

b. You and your short sale agent prepare for the sale.  If you’re in California, your agent should be an experienced short sale broker like The Homefinding Center™, of course!

c. You or your short sale agent show it to obtain offers for possible submission to the bank.

d. You and your short sale agent negotiate the best possible contract for sale with potential buyers.

e. You live in your Eastvale home until closing which can take anywhere from 3 to 14 months depending on how fast you want my team to process your short sale and the attention given to your file by the bank.

f. After closing, you walk away with no house and no money, BUT…

g. Your credit report reflects that the bank accepted the short sale payoff through an acceptable negotiation and you can qualify for a new home loan in as little as 15 months.
From where I sit, a short sale is a terrific option for most Eastvale home sellers facing an impending foreclosure. In all of the options, you lose your house. In each one you walk away with no money from the sale of your house. Finally, in every option, your credit rating is going to take a hit. Short sale with its likely two year duration on your credit report betters a Deed-In-Lieu’s additional credit reporting penalty by years, and foreclosure’s even longer reporting period will likely hold you back from reclaiming your life much longer than short sale.

This one is a no brainer! Selling your Eastvale home through a short sale negotiation wins hands down. Your dignity stays pretty much intact; you keep your roof over your head buying time to relocate while your house is on the market, your time in credit purgatory is limited to about two years, less than half of what it will be if you follow short sighted advice to “just walk away.”

Contact the #1 Short Sale Team in Southern California today at 951-212-7479 for FREE help with your short sale negotiation. We’ll help you through the entire process with a minimum of headache for you to deal with.

Wanting to make a good decision is smart. Waiting too long to make that decision is not. Call us today so we can discuss your options.  Your discussion with me, your Eastvale real estate agent, is strictly confidential, of course!

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Eastvale Short Sales To Spike In 2012

January 20, 2012

If you haven’t noticed recently, Eastvale Short Sales are on the rise.  The banks are increasingly becoming easier to work with and many agents are learning that they need to become educated about the short sale process. Eastvale, California is one of the SoCal cities with a large gap between the high price levels of [...]

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Number Of Approved Short Sales On The Rise

October 23, 2011

Bloomberg news has recently published a story to chronicle the recent rise in short sale approvals.  As many short sale agents from across the country can attest, the banks have initiated many new procedures to streamline the short sale process and this in turn has lead to more efficiency (and hence, less chance of foreclosure [...]

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Happy Birthday Dear Eastvale, Happy Birthday To You!

October 22, 2011

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California Sunset From Your Eastvale Short Sale Agent Team

October 17, 2011

O.k. so Eastvale is not on fire, but it sure looks that way, doesn’t it?  I was on the way to see one of my sellers this evening in West Eastvale near Chandler and Archibald this evening and had to pull out the Canon 60D I received last Christmas to get this terrific photo of the sunset (and a few bugs [...]

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